Adaptive Data Intelligence

Digital Identity Management | KYC & AML | Financial Scoring

Cetas is a decentralized digital identity, compliance, and financial scoring platform powered by blockchain technology.

We transform regulatory economics through blockchain technology and adaptive data intelligence, enabling new compliance frameworks and business models for financial institutions, insurance companies, and government regulators.

We make financial institutions better at their most valuable work:
Understanding the customer and their behaviors

Identity Management

Back-end infrastructure for integrating, managing, and securing Identity data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale.

Fraud Mitigation

Cetas Anti-Fraud augments human analytic capabilities by capitalizing on the strengths of machine analysis and blockchain technology while avoiding the risks of purely automated approaches.

Compliance Cost Reduction

Data-sharing and the network capabilities of the platform allow organizations to turn cost centers into revenue drivers by unlocking the value of their data, securely and privately.

Financial Scoring

Next generation, and advanced financial models can be derived from digital and real world footprints providing greater accuracy for scoring and opening up new opportunities to serve customers with innovative products.


The Cetas platform is ideal for large-scale quantitative investigation across identity, "know your customer", "anti-money laundering", counter-terrorism finance and implementing advanced financial scoring metrics. Cetas integrates across multiple sources of data, bringing together disparate information into a unified quantitative analysis environment.

Advanced Verification

Our platform takes disparate data and turns it into actionable insights that is an order of magnitude faster, and more accurate than current legacy systems. This allows for faster on-boarding and efficient maintenance of data over time.

Network Data Sharing

Although an organization can maintain singular utility with our platform, it can be networked with strategic partners or industry collaborators to provide a more wholistic view of data derived from organizations outside the company.

Dynamic Visualization

We’ve simplified the interpretation of “Big Data” and made it easy to use and understand, so that decision can be intuitive and easy without having to understand complex database structures and command line code.


The Cetas platform provides a singular utility for organizations that spans across business silos and geographical jurisdictions, as well as a network capabilities, which allows industry participants to colaborate for scaling data and reduce costs.

Singular Utility

Our platform can be used by a single organization, that may have many offices or business units across multiple jurisdictions. this allows organizations the ability to map the identity of and individual, business, or unit of property to one single identity no matter where they are irregardless of their status within the business unit or jurisdiction.

Network Utility

To extend the power of Cetas, reduce costs, and acquire robust data, our platform can be used as a network. The ability of the platform to scale data from multiple businesses that may have many offices or business units across multiple jurisdictions. this allows organizations the ability to map the identity of and individual, business, or unit of property to one single identity at greatly reduce costs but at the same time at an order of magnitude more accurately and efficiently than if used in the singular case.


Adaptive Data Intelligence

The Cetas platform allows organizations to greatly reduce their identity management, KYC, AML, and Compliance costs while providing greater scalability for the entire organization across jurisdictions.

Blockchain Technology

The Cetas suite of applications allows third-party authorities and industry collaborators to validate a user's information enabling a rich blockchain consortium and social graph that empowers industry participants and regulators to facilitate resilient KYC/AML systems across; Civil Services, Insurance, Telecom, and the financial services sectors.

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